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Property Investment Without Mortgage are investment strategies in the UK that allows an investor to buy, sell, control and manage properties without mortgage. Understanding and operating these strategies will enable you build a property portfolio with little or no money.

Regardless of the fears of Brexit the property market remains resilient to economic and political factors. The average house price will continue to increase nationwide as more foreign investors enter the property market. The increase in house prices and the inability of more people to afford ownership will deepen the housing crisis and push more people to the rental market.

As an investor now is the time to enter the property market. You can invest in the UK property market using none of your own money, no mortgage and no deposit. By investing you will increase your monthly income by buying, selling and controlling properties anywhere in the country.

This programme is for those that want to either start or increase their property portfolio. You require no experience to invest in property. Beginners can join our Mentorship MasterClass Programme while experienced property investors can join our Exclusive VIP Network where they can network with top investors and secure joint venture deals and partnerships.

Who should attend?

Property investors, students, landlords, homeowners, letting agents, estate agents, service providers and property professionals.

What you will learn

  1. Learn how to build a property portfolio without mortgage.

  2. Learn how serviced accommodation works.

  3. Learn how HMO works.

  4. Learn how lease options works.

  5. Learn how rent to rent works.

  6. Learn how guaranteed rent works.

  7. Learn how to source property deals.

  8. Learn how to package and flip property deals.

  9. Learn about property licensing and regulations.

  10. Learn how to start a property investment business.

  11. Learn how to manage investment properties.

  12. Learn about property tax and finance.

  13. Learn how to create systems to manage your business operations.

  14. Learn how to find joint ventures.

  15. Learn how mentorship can help you grow your property business.

  16. Networking.


Tea, coffee and writing materials are provided.


09:00 – 18:00 (prompt).

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