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Five things a tenant needs to know when renting

Five things a tenant needs to know

There’s plenty of legal requirements that a landlord has to comply with in order to let a property in the UK. However, did you know that tenants have few rules to follow as well in order to keep on the right side of rental regulations?

  1. Paying the rent on time: Sounds like an obvious one, but the tenancy agreement is a legally binding document stating that this must be done!
  2. Don’t leave the home empty for long periods: It is important to let your landlord know if you are not going to be living at the property for any length of time – and of course, you must keep paying your rent whilst you’re away!
  3. Look after the property: As a tenant, you have a responsibility to avoid causing damage to your (or your neighbours’) property.
  4. Ask permission if you want to make any changes: If you want to change the property, run a business from the property, or take in a tenant/lodger, this has to be discussed with your landlord. They do have the right to refuse.
  5. Keep the bills up to date: When you take on a property, the majority of the time the bills – including water, gas, electricity, council tax, internet and phone line – become your responsibility.

Paying the bills doesn’t have to be a big deal though. There are letting agencies that can handle all of this, switching tenants to the very best tariff for all utilities, broadband, insurance and even council tax. And even get everything put on to one easy monthly bill.

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