Auction is one of the fastest way of selling properties. Register your property for 
the next auction. Selling by auction is quick and transparent. The buyer pays 10% deposit
and have 28 days to pay the remain balance. Register to buy and sell  
properties at the next auction.
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Join the London Property Investment Network. Explore property investment 
opportunities and raise joint venture finance. Network with investors and agents.  
Buy and sell properties through the Countywide Auction House. Learn to be a  
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Property investment network of investors, developers, lenders, brokers, landlords, homeowners, estate agents, letting agents, property professionals and service providers.

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Learn property investment strategies – HMOs, serviced accommodation, deal sourcing & packaging, rent to rent, lease options & developments. Raise joint venture finance. 

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Source investment property deals including below market value properties.  


We invite you to become a member of the London Property Investment Network if you are an investor, lender, developer, landlord, homeowner, estates agents, letting agents and property professionals.

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